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World of Illusions

Camera Obscura and World of Illusions - World of Illusions

Explore the Magic

As you weave your way through our World of Illusions, remember one important rule: nothing here is what it seems.

Venture into five floors full of things you’ve probably never seen before. A swirling light vortex that can sweep you off your feet. A maze made of mirrors. A chance to swap noses with a friend. It’s all here.

There are over 150 illusions, so you’ll need at least two hours to discover them all. The minutes will pass so fast you’ll think it’s another one of our illusions. It’s not. Time just flies when you’re having fun!

  • Magic Gallery – from classic illusions to electrifying experiments, everything here will blow your mind.
  • Light Fantastic – see yourself grow, shrink and stretch. This’ll mess with your mind – in the best possible way.
  • Eye Spy Edinburgh – think you’ve seen Edinburgh from every angle? Think again. Same city. Different vantage point.
  • Bewilderworld – immerse yourself in wonder, when you step right into our biggest illusions. Top tip: save this most mind-blowing experience for last.
World of Illusions